Elyse Sparkes – Mindful fitness coach, personal trainer, yoga teacher

As a kid I participated in: 
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hiking, Swimming
As an adult I participated in: 
Yoga, Lindy Hop Dancing, Synchronized Swimming, Biking, Hiking, HIIT training, + willing to try anything new and adventurous!
How my activities influenced my occupation and activities in adulthood:
In every way! I’ve been a dancer since I was 3 years old and I’ve always loved moving my body. But as an aspiring ballerina, I grew up believing HAPPY = SKINNY. After many unhappy years as a professional dancer stuck in the stressful under-eating –> binging –> over-exercising cycle, I realized this mentality was driving me and my health to crazytown. Over time I changed my mindset to the tune of HAPPY = HEALTHY. And I’ve never looked back. Now I’m a personal trainer, mindful fitness coach, and yoga teacher who gets people moving with in-person training and online coaching programs. I’m passionate about helping people feel strong, flexible, and confident in their bodies – in a way that feels realistic to accomplish – because I believe the way you move in your body is the way you show up in your entire life. And when you show up to your life in tip top shape you can create – explore – build – adventure – dream – love – care – soar – connect – whatever you want! – with energy and enthusiasm.
Advice for kids looking to get involved:
Find a type of movement that feels FUN and fulfilling for you and go do that! Moving your body will help EVERYTHING else you do. It helps increase your energy and mental focus, helps you decrease your risk of many diseases, and naturally releases feel-good hormones so you’ll actually feel happier when you move your body consistently! In my programs we call this a #JOYworkout because finding a type of movement you love to do will bring you JOY. It’s so much more than just repeating squats over and over again (unless that’s your jam!). It can overlap with a seeing your friends, learning a new skill, getting outside, or it might eventually lead you to your profession!

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