Susan Sun – Physical Therapy


As a kid I participated in:

volleyball, basketball, band

As an adult I participated in:


How my activities influenced my occupation and activities in adulthood:

I still do many of those activities that I do as a child, whenever I have time. I think playing sports like volleyball and basketball taught me a lot about teamwork, which translates to PT because we work together with each other and other professions to help patients recuperate.


Advice for kids looking to get involved:

Get involved! Kids may think they do not have time to do anything and would like to spend time playing video games, watching movies, in their rooms…etc, and they don’t realize that we actually have the most time as kids to learn and try new things so that we can find the ones that we are passionate about. I would say to try everything…art, music, sports, first and develop some of those skills. They come in handy later on!

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