Melissa Capurro – Physical Therapy


As a kid I participated in:

Soccer, softball, field hockey, basketball, gymnastics

As an adult I participated in:

Lifting, crossfit, running

How my activities influenced my occupation and activities in adulthood:

Growing up, I was always active. I was involved in countless youth sports and always kept a busy schedule. As I grew older, I found out more about myself and what activities I was good at, the activities I truly enjoyed, and how the human body moves throughout the environment. I used my favorite sports and activities as a way to find out more about the human body in a practical way. Along with being active and participating in a lot of sports, I got injured every so often. I later figured out that I wanted to help active people, like myself, get better and heal faster in order to get back to enjoying their favorite activity or sport.

Advice for kids looking to get involved:

Try many different activities and sports to figure out what you like. Once you figure out what activities or sports you truly enjoy, you can focus more on that activity or sport. Practice makes perfect!

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