Sarra Morton – Group Fitness Manager, Yoga Coordinator and Yoga teacher for Equinox NYC


As a kid I participated in:

Cross country running, track and field, ballet, jazz,tap modern,gymnastics, tennis

As an adult I participated in:

Yoga, Running, Fitness classes, Pilates, Cycling

How my activities influenced my occupation and activities in adulthood:

I had been working various jobs, the last one being an Editor in the Boom up in San Francisco. I move down to Los Angeles knowing I wanted to make a career shift. I thought it would be acting, but it ended up being yoga. I knew I wanted to be a Yoga teacher about 3 years into being a student. I saw that in today’s market, you could absolutely make a living at it and love what you do at the same time!

Advice for kids looking to get involved:

I think that in this day and age, if sports/fitness/yoga is where your heart and passion are – you should honor that. There are so many jobs in coaching, training, and teaching everything from pilates, to yoga to cardio classes. There is group training, private training, corporate classes – everything under the sun! Maybe even just volunteering. What I know is for the people who teach what they love, it feeds their soul… And I would encourage any kid to try to make a career out of their passion. There is no better feeling than loving your job, and feeling like you make a difference.

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