Ruth Ziethe – Astrophysicist, Project Manager for Space Missions


As a kid I participated in:

As a kid I did gymnastics and rhythmical sports gymnastics

As an adult I participated in:

Triathlon (all distances), Running, Cycling, Swimming, Mountainbiking, Windsurfing, Skiing (XC and alpine), speedskating, volleyball, badminton

How my activities influenced my occupation and activities in adulthood:

As a kid I could never sit still. When I needed to go somewhere, I ran. I always needed to move and did things fast. Although this eased a bit during University, it came back and I always found it a great balance to my work. It helps me get my mind off and interestingly find solutions and answers to problems during long endurance workouts. It makes me understand how hard it is to achieve something and how it feels to loose. Also I learn how to dust myself off and try again. It also makes me understand how hard you to have to work for a success and how to savour these short moments. As my work is mainly comprised of time on a desk at a computer, I strongly believe physical activty is needed as a balance to this. Mens sana in corpore sano.

Advice for kids looking to get involved:

Go out and move. Explore your environment in all dimensions. Find out what you like. Try it a bit, give it a chance, if it’s not your thing, try something new. It’s absolutely ok just to be out there in the woods or on your bike or on the football field just because it’s a sunny afternoon. Do not get discouraged when you loose, even if this happens over and over again for years (speking from experience). It’s the ones that hold on that will make it in the end. Never give up.

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