Kate – moov Founder, Physical Therapy, Pilates, Yoga

02_Riverside Park

As a kid I participated in:

Ballet, gymnastics, diving, soccer, swimming, pilates

As an adult I participated in:

Yoga, pilates, dance, running, meditating

How my activities influenced my occupation and activities in adulthood:

I have always been a mover – since I could crawl and climb. All of my sports eventually lead me to dance (through some injuries here and there). Dance led me to pilates which gave me a deeper understanding of dance. Dance led me through yoga, when one of my dearest friends, also a dancer, invited me to a yoga class in New York City where I fell hard for the practice that asked me to be mindful, curious and non-competitive. I found anatomy and healing in these art forms which naturally progressed into an interest in preventative and rehabilitative care.


Advice for kids looking to get involved:

If you try one sport and don’t like it – try another. Your entire being needs to move, it’s what we were meant for. Find out how you love to PLAY and who you love playing with. There is something out there for every kid, and a community awaits.

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