the beginning…


The moovFoundation came out of a mutual love and interest in movement and children’s development from its founder, Kate, and the executive board members. While living in New York, Kate began working with children with an interest in working with the their kinesthetic intelligence and their need to move after a long day of school. Combining the two created a fun, self-esteem building class.

Kate grew up in Tucson, AZ dancing everyday after school (and most weekends too). Between school and dance, Kate’s life was a balance of brain work and body work, one informing the other. In high school Kate began working and teaching Pilates in a local Tucson studio under the direction of Tracie Anderson Munn allowing her not only to move, but to dissect movement into mechanics and kinesiology. Thus, Kate discovered an enormous love of anatomy and movement, inspecting the realities and myths behind how we practice sport, yoga, pilates and everyday activities.

After college, where Kate studied dance and pre medicine, she moved to New York where she danced professionally and taught at a variety of studios. It was in New York that Kate began teaching a child with special needs. It was apparent that the sessions that they shared was affecting the child’s ability both in school, and in basic tasks of being a kid; like throwing a basket ball. While working with this child, Kate developed the idea of the moovFoundation and a couple years later, here we are.


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